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FysioFriends is a Dutch and Danish joint venture, with location in both Netherland and Denmark. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services. 

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What we do

FysioFriends is an e-health eco-system for patients, physiotherapists and healthcare professionals providing personalized exercise programs using individual parameters and tolerances to customize rehabilitation exercises exactly to the patients need.

FysioFriends gathers and shares information about patients’ rehabilitation and training progression between the patient and professional. Patients use advanced software technology and commercially available hardware at home or in clinic for virtual rehabilitation with individual training programs and exercises to optimize recovery.

For Physiotherapists

Using FysioFriends gives you as a physiotherapist the freedom to develop exercises to suit the individual need of the patients. Each exercise is fully adjustable on all relevant parameters allowing the physio-therapist to set the tolerances individually. Exercises are reusable to save time.

The system allows you to follow your patient’s progression and compliance remotely.  The solution allows for online adjustment of the exercises in accordance with the individual patients needs. The need for transportation to the clinic is drastically reduced, and waiting for help is no longer an issue.

FysioFriends provide in depth analyses of the efficiency of the resources spent on rehabilitation. Compliance to programs, specific skills, optimal routines, cost per type of injury and more, are provided in comprehensible reports based on hard data

FysioFriends will enable physiotherapists to demonstrate their unique capabilities through their individual results. This will give the freedom to specialize or use the results as evidence to attract patients and clients.

For patients

Only 20% of patients follow the training program as prescribed by the physiotherapist. Their rehabilitation needs to be monitored by a physiotherapist. Until now that requires physical attendance. FysioFriends saves time by providing virtual rehabilitation.

FysioFriends empowers the patient to take care of their rehabilitation, in collaboration with the established healthcare providers. Compliance to both rehabilitation and preventive exercise programs will reduce the sick leave and increase patients quality of life.

FysioFriends can optimize the recovery process after surgery or injury. Prevent that trivial backache, aches in shoulders or neck develop into serious problems, by allowing employees to exercise at home with FysioFriends under the careful supervision of the virtual physiotherapist. Using the system at home patients receive instant feedback and physiotherapists receive the data they need to monitor progress and optimize the exercises.

Individually adapted exercises increase the effect of the training and correct performance of the rehabilitation exercises is paramount to a fast recovery.