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FysioFriends is a Dutch and Danish joint venture, with location in both Netherland and Denmark. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our services. 

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FysioFriends is redefining rehabilitation. By seamlessly connecting patients and physiotherapists through advanced softwaretechnology, we make rehabilitation more accessible, providing improved recovery for patients
and higher efficiency for physiotherapists.

A new generation of recovery

FysioFriends offers an innovative and pioneering solution to the healthcare market. We are striving to provide objective data for documenting the compliance and rehabilitation efforts of the patients, and provide cheap easy to access coaching and supervision for rehabilitative exercises in clinics and in patients home. 

FysioFriends also provide a digital assessment tool for benchmarking and measuring the progression and success of the rehabilitation process. This can for instance be used for motor impairment diseases such as Sclerosis, Arthritis, Parkinson and Apoplexy, by offering a number of tests, which give detailed information about the status of the patients movement capabilities.


FysioFriends Rehabilitation focus on the demanding rehabilitation segment. For instance but not limited to::

       After surgery rehabilitation

       Rehabilitation after apoplexy

       Maintenance training for sclerosis

       Rehabilitation and maintenance training for arthritis


State of the art motion tracking

FysioFriends fundamentally changes the way exercises can be performed, measured and improved. The data collected are a valuable source of immediate feedback and coaching, but also research. FysioFriends innovates healthcare and reduces costs.


BENCHMARKING and Progress tracking for patients and professionals

FysioFriends supports patients and healthcare professionals with virtual rehabilitation programs, individually customized for the patient. Visualization of progression enables timely intervention, so the exercise efforts can be optimized.


                                                                    A New enhanced recovery cycle